Don’t Use It As Contraception

Although it may seem like an obvious statement, using your adult sex toy as contraception is something you definitely should not do. A huge thirty per cent of people believe that sex toys like lubricants can act as contraception and protection against sexually transmitted diseases but they CANNOT, at all! You can also catch a sexually transmitted disease or infection from somebody else’s gay sex toys so be careful who you share yours with and don’t share your sex toy if you can help it. This is an important issue so make sure you brush up on your sexual health knowledge for your sake.

Don’t put it in the dishwasher

As a general rule anything that has been in your body shouldn’t be mixed with your crockery and cutlery. You have to eat and drink out them! Beside this chucking your sex toy in the dishwasher doesn’t work either so it really is a pointless endeavour, even if a massive forty per cent of the general public do believe otherwise. Trust me, you don’t want any of your food juice on your sex toy. If that isn’t enough to put you off then just think of it the other way. Disgusting!

Don’t use furniture polish either

It really isn’t that necessary for your sex toy to be that clean, but if it was then you still wouldn’t be using furniture polish because it’s unsafe. The recommended cleaning agent is specialist antibacterial adult sex toy wipes that will leave your sex toy sparklingly clean. Some liquids like water and lubricants like oils can erode cheap sex toys and leave you stranded at the worst moment just as the horn takes over. No one wants that.

And don’t replace it with a vegetable

Although it may seem like a perfect sex toy alternative, stop the madness and resist the urge of using a vegetable when you are in the mood and your sex toy is out of commission. Even worse, some people have admitted to using candles, kitchen utensils and all kinds of household appliances as a substitute. Again, just stop this madness.

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