The Best Strippers

Like any city in the world Sydney is a city filled with strip clubs and bars where topless waitresses wander around with no clothes on and girls and men alike gyrate on a pole. The thing about Sydney and other cities like it around the world is Sydney is famous, or infamous depending on your take, for its strip club scene and attracts thousands of party goers a year to the city to see what all the fuss is about. Like most things that have a very good reputation, entrepreneurs throughout Sydney have tried to make a quick buck of the fact and as a result hundreds of strip clubs across Sydney have popped up out of nowhere and flooded the market. Surely this is better for the prospective strip club visitor in Sydney because there is more choice to choose from, right?

Wrong. In most cases too much choice is not a good thing and this is especially the case with strippers in Melbourne. Strippers are not exactly renowned for their customer service so going to the wrong strippers in Sydney could be very uncomfortable indeed, not to mention the below standard quality! No, when you go to a strippers you want the best the city has got to offer and the best way to do that is to know your onions, or in this case strippers!

The name really suits this Sydney strip joint as Showgirls has more of a burlesque feel to it than a seedy strippers. Shows are actually quite classy, as classy as they can be, and private rooms adorn this strippers for more intimate shows whilst regular themed events go on in the main room. Another bonus is that the sound system is very good so if it’s just a bit of music you’re looking for then this is the best strippers in Sydney to go to!

Men’s Gallery

Men’s Gallery is another stripper club with topless waiters in Melbourne that is not renowned for its seediness but rather for its Gentleman Club style ethos and atmosphere. Again Men’s Gallery is another strip joint in Sydney which has private rooms for private shows, such as ‘shower shows’, and the main room is almost cabaret like with its cabaretesque shows. Men’s Gallery is a sister strip club to Pure Platinum and is not fully nude on Fridays and Saturdays.

Minx is everything the Sydney strip joint suggests and more. It is only open to the public Tuesday to Friday as Saturday to Monday are reserved for corporate events which only heightens the sense sultry sexiness that seeps from every pour of this strip club. Minx is more for the ‘sophisticated’ corporate clientele rather than the loud, boozed up lads’ convoy that are synonymous with strippers throughout Sydney.

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Everything Ready For That Phone Call

Hiring strippers in Sydney can be quite daunting but you just have to know what to do. Before you pick up a phone and start calling every stripper in Sydney, you need to decide where you, and they, are going and when. The preparation of any and all parties is imperative so that you don’t run around like a headless chicken. Therefore, decide where and when the occasion will be taking place. Whether it is a bachelor party, a birthday party or a buck’s party, the knowledge of where you will be spending your time helps decide other factors. It is a simple matter to decide that your own house is good enough for the event, if you prefer that to be the ideal option. All you would have to worry about is the place getting trashed by your well-being but rambunctious mates. The cleaning up would be a nightmare if you couldn’t keep things under control. On the other hand, you could sleep until the morning and clean up after your headaches and hangover have gone.

Alternatively, you could decide that going to an actual strip club is the better choice. It raises arguably less questions than hiring strippers in Sydney to visit your own home. You won’t get nosy neighbours peering through their curtains and calling the police because of a ruckus in the neighbourhood. They probably have the right idea but you just don’t want the hassle. Therefore, visiting strip clubs is safer for you and your friends will likely appreciate the effort. Don’t just pick any strip club, though. You should actually attempt some decent research because they each have their own qualities and services. What is the drinking limit? How many people can attend in a party? What can the strippers in Sydney offer in terms of public services? What are the qualities of the strippers in Sydney themselves?

In the event that you decided going to a strip club was a better idea, it’s time to start thinking more deeply about the strippers in Sydney you want to see. They are usually always available to comply to your wishes and demands as long as they’re legal and don’t hinder their health and well-being. One such wish you can usually ask for is their choice of dress. By that, I don’t mean that all strippers in Sydney will be strolling up to you in their underwear or birthday suits. Think about costumes that you would enjoy. If you like a particular type of roleplay then that can work to your benefit. Cat costumes, complete with cat ears and a tail; nurse outfits; police uniforms — you name it. If they have access to the outfit you want them to wear, they can probably manage it without too much fuss. After that, you can finally pick up the phone and start making arrangements. It is a decent preamble but it’s for your sake and the sake of the male strippers Sydney.

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